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I had just graduated from college, with not a whole lot going on. After dropping my engineering degree and barely sliding into home plate with a general studies degree, just to say that I finished. Though I was fairly technical, I still struggled with finding a job due to my degree and lack of confidence associated with dropping my engineering degree.

I had messed around with augmented reality development for about a year and made a couple of cool apps for different things. As my job search extended into the 4th month post graduation and my credit card balance increased, I got the idea to make myself stand out with a new business card.

Business cards are boring, relatively innovative, but still used on a daily basis around the world. Why not make a business card that captures attention and shows employers, “Hey I’m unique!”. I spent a week making a prototype (check out my videos here). And I posted a video to LinkedIn hoping that I could snatch an interview from someone who thought it was cool.

The video went viral, and now I had people messaging me asking how to buy them. I had a problem, but a pretty fun problem. Build a business. I recruited a couple friends and we started to build out cards as a service. Something that provides an app-less augmented reality experience with business cards that works regardless of what phone you use.  

So here we are. We built a business and delivered on what people were asking for. So now we are listening to our customers and thinking of cool new things to try out with our technology.

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